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Kaizen Farm

Our Philosophy

Developing responsible horse people since 1997


Our philosophy is simply to share our love of horses with anyone who wants to come on the journey.

The journey embraces the whole partnership with a horse – meaning their total care; understanding how they think, taking the rough with the smooth, as well as the joy of a fabulous ride.

We like this saying – “If your relationship with a horse starts and ends at the mounting block, you may become a rider but you will never be a horseman.”

If you don’t have a horse, we have plenty who are willing to carry you. Together with fellow students who find many of their closest friendships come from those who understand their horse “addiction”.

We are often different from other programs because we expect our students to learn about caring for the whole horse.  Whilst riding is obviously the important, central part of our program; we aim to produce well rounded horsemen with more than just horseback riding skills.

Our students appreciate the opportunity to spend hands on time with their favorite horse.  They get to groom, tack up, love on them, and yes, clean up after them, AKA poop scooping.

At the same time, our school age students’ parents appreciate that their children are learning safety around horses and have an incentive to practice a good work ethic.  They learn about relationships, teamwork, responsibility and authority in a comfortable setting.  More than one alumni has reported the huge benefit of these life skills when moving on to college and/or jobs.

Our guiding principles have come from many years associated with organizations such as the British Horse Society, United States Pony Clubs, United States Eventing Association and Dressage Federation coupled with a keen interest in the ideas of natural horsemanship, horse psychology and biomechanics.

We are particularly drawn to the idea of the horse’s body being molded and directed by the biomechanics (or framework) of the rider rather than simply drilling school figures.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement. We named our business Kaizen Farm to emphasize our firm belief that progress happens from step by step learning where each student and horse partnership is unique.  Therefore you will find each “lesson of the week” tailored and adapted to the level of the students in each group and our goal is that no-one feels over or under whelmed.

Add in the opportunities to ride in our annual student shows, be part of a drill team, the games club or eventing team, together with classes on horse management and natural horsemanship, or even an overnight camp;  we offer a complete package of horsemanship.

If you feel like this is something you would like to be a part of – go to our services page to learn more.

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