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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child already has experience, where do they fit in the program?
    All new students start with 3 private lessons regardless of what they have done in the past. In this way we work one on one to address the safety and handling issues and an introduction to our expectations and terminology. At the end of the introductory lessons we discuss/advise as to where we believe the student best fits. We have students from just starting to over 10 years of experience so there is a place for everyone.
  • What clothes/equipment do we need/should provide?
    1. Head protection. Everyone MUST wear a helmet approved for equestrian use whenever mounted on Kaizen Farm property. You may borrow one of ours for the initial private lessons or for camps. However we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you purchase your own correctly fitting helmet. Ask us about local stores or online sites or any fitting questions. (Note we do not allow bicycle helmets as they are tested for different impact zones). 2. Foot protection. Riding. Leather boots with a smooth sole and 1 inch heel are required for riding. Again you may borrow ours until you have decided whether you are continuing. Barn. Closed toed shoes. Leather recommended. Sneakers allowed at your own risk. No sandals, water shoes, flip-flops etc. (At least you’ll never do it again once you’ve been stepped on!). 3. Leg protection. Long pants not shorts or capris. May be jeans, but they can restrict the movement necessary for English style riding and/or rub the skin. You will notice that most of the students wear riding breeches or tights. (Men/boys need not be put off – there are special designs for them). 4. Arm protection. Sleeved shirts please - long or short. No tank tops. Falls do happen and the upper arm needs protected from road rash and sunburn.
  • Do you ride over the winter?
    Yes, we offer a year round program and some of our favorite rides are in the snow covered pastures. However, it is an outdoor winter sport and students must dress and be appropriately equipped. If you are not able to invest in the extra clothing/equipment; your student really does not do well in cold weather (or is not willing to dress appropriately); or the driver does not like venturing out in the winter evenings, we offer the chance to take some time off. See or ask about the contract details.
  • My child loves Kaizen Farm and wants to come and help, can I drop them off early so they can work for you?
    We do have many volunteers that have earned the safety levels to be able to help. However, we are a business, and like Starbucks, cannot let just anyone “behind the counter” no matter how much they “like” the product, without proper training. When a student has been with us for a while and demonstrated sufficient maturity and interest, we will advise them of volunteer opportunities.
  • Do you do lessons or just camps and parties?
    We have a full lesson program – Tuesday through Saturdays – year round or seasonal according to student preference. Under 7 – private lesson being led – “leadline”. - Leadlines can also be provided for those wanting a one off ride. - All leadlines must be scheduled in advance. We cannot offer same day leadline lessons. 7+ – Monthly “short boots”. *Please see attached document for more information about Short Boots* 10+ - Group lessons. *Group lesson spaces are full at this time.* We are not offering camps at this time.
  • We are on the monthly contract for the discounted lesson program, and wanted to know if we can deduct the lessons we miss?
    No, we cannot deduct for missed lessons. Think of our lesson program like a gym membership with four opportunities to ride each month. However, unlike most gyms, we offer a make-up class once a calendar month for those who were sick or had a mandatory other engagement. If weekly attendance is too difficult, we offer private lessons that can be tailored to individual schedules.
  • My friend/sibling is here and I was wondering if they could help in the barn?
    Sorry but no. Remember our number one rule is safety. The students have paid to be in a program that teaches them to be as safe as possible around the horses. The staff of Kaizen Farm cannot accept responsibility for visiting friends or family. We would be delighted to schedule a private lesson for friends/family who would like to learn about our barn procedures.
  • Do I have to bring/provide my own horse?
    We have school horses that are kept fit and in regular work for the purpose of teaching our students. However, if you have your own horse, there are many options from horse training to group/private lessons depending on his/her level of education.
  • When will my child be on a “real” horse?
    Suitability is the word to consider here. When your teenager achieves their driver’s license, what vehicle will you provide? A Ferrari, or a Honda Civic? Or maybe go straight to a nice big Harley Davison motorcycle? Many factors come into play here – including temperament and physical abilities of both student and horse/pony. Many students arrive telling us about the “real” horses they have ridden (Quarter Horse walking nose to tail in a dude string? or the one they fell off and are now scared?) and quickly discover the joys of being with/on a mount they feel safe with both from the ground and in the saddle The horses they ride change as their comfort zone changes.
  • My friend is here and I was wondering if they could join our lesson?
    Although it’s very exciting to share your passion with your friends, they have not been through our program. They would be a distraction for the instructor and other students who are expecting to continue with the normal lesson plan. We would be delighted to schedule a private lesson for visiting friends/family or a semi-private if you would like to ride with them.
  • When can my child (or myself) canter and jump?
    When you have established a balanced position that will allow the confidence for horse and rider to attempt this with limited damage to either.
  • If it rains/snows - do we reschedule, get a rain check or lose out on our lesson?
    There are 2 only times we do not have mounted lessons: The arenas and drive are covered with ice. Lightning. Rain, wind and/or snow do not necessarily stop us from riding. Instructors and horses tend not to like hailstorms. If you are on our discounted monthly program, we will provide four lessons per month. If the conditions are unsafe for riding, we hold un-mounted lessons ie not on horse-back. We cover many of the theoretical topics that often there is not enough time for, such as: watching horse related videos, doing exercises to help the human body be better prepared, discussing equipment – care and use, how-to’s of riding without the complication of the horse chance for newer students to practice grooming and tacking, and so on. Some students and/or parents are resistant to this idea but you will find our more advanced students are generally those who embraced the full program. So the answer is no - we do not reschedule, we do not offer refunds and it is completely up to you as to whether you choose to attend.
  • The lesson time is 4:30, what does that mean?
    The lesson time is the time we expect the riding portion of the lesson to start. However this will vary according to the experience of the students in the group. More experienced students will arrive up to 30 minutes ahead to get their horse ready. Less experienced students will arrive up to 30 minutes ahead and wait until supervision is available. If the student arrives at exactly the lesson time they will delay the lesson for the other students and/or miss out on their own riding time as they get their horse ready. At the end of the lesson each student is expected to take responsibility for the care of his/her mount and equipment including the chores listed by the tack room door. We accept responsibility for the student for a 2 hour period. So for a 4.30 lesson we would expect the student to arrive at 4pm and be picked up at 6pm. Sometimes we are having so much fun that we over-run. We appreciate advance warning if the student needs to be picked up early so we can give them time to complete their chores.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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